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An important part of the education as a Space Invader is a 3 month stay as a trainee in a company.
The work experience is invaluable in giving the student a clear idea of the possibilities and limitations in the multimedia line. Some students turn a project from their practice host into the final exam, and quite a few of the previous students have had their first job in the trainee host company.
The students make their own contacts with host companies, since each and every student have specific wishes. For the school it is also a very valuable contact, since the trainee host companies can pinpoint exactly what the students need to learn more about in order to fill in a certain workposition.

Trainee hosts for previous students
(Crew 4; spring 1998)

- Animotion, Copenhagen
- Gili Soft Aps, Copenhagen
- Icon Medialab, Copenhagen
- Bluewave Ltd., London, UK
- Brilliant Media, San Fransisco, US
- Deadline Multimedia ApS, Copenhagen
- Egmont On-Line, Copenhagen
- Impact, Hillerød
- Interactive Television Entertainment, Copenhagen
- KK Design, Copenhagen - Lateral Net Ltd., London, UK
- LEGO A/S, Billund
- Lost In Space Islington, London, UK
- Mondo Media, San Francisco, US
- Networkers, Copenhagen
- Nordisk Film, Valby - Omen Media, Copenhagen
- Frog Design, San Fransisco, US
- Red Dot Interactive, San Fransisco, US
- Sonne Film AS, Copenhagen
- Spray Interactive USA Inc., San Fransisco, US
- The Planet, Copenhagen
- Wegelius, Copenhagen
- Wired Digital, San Francisco, US

Trainee hosts for previous students
(Crew 3-1; 1996-93)

- Aikiu
- Munich AMXdigital, London, UK
- Brilliant Media, San Francisco, US
- Courage Interactive, Copenhagen
- Cybersoft, Copenhagen
- DanaMac / LMS Interforum, Århus
- Danfoss - Norborg DR, Copenhagen and Århus
- Digital Ranch, L.A., U.S.A.
- Forsvaret, Frederiksværk, Education & Development
- Experimentarium, Copenhagen
- Forlaget Systime, Århus
- National Laboratory RISØ, Roskilde
- Industriens Forlag, Copenhagen
- Jensens DTP Bureau, Århus
- Jydsk Telefon, Århus
- Leo Burnett, Copenhagen
- LMS Interforum, Århus
- Media Compagniet, Århus
- MouseHouse, Copenhagen
- Nordisk Film, Copenhagen
- NP/GREY, Århus and Odense
- Orfeus, Århus
- Saks Film & TV, Århus
- SAS,Copenhagen
- Smidt, Hammer & Lassen, Århus
- Space Dynamics Laboratory, Utah University, US
- Systematic, Århus
- TV2, Odense
- TV3, Copenhagen
- UFO Interactive, L.A., US
- Uni-C, Århus
- Weddington Productions, L.A., US
- Wintech, Århus