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The History of Space Invaders

In 1992 the association Mouse House was founded in Mejlgade 35 in Århus. One of the main objectives was to give anyone interested access to the information and multimedia technology. Many people dropped by, but most of them used the Macintosh machinery to produce only very poor layout.

That led to the idea of launching the education Space Invaders: An education so exiting, that even the founders themselves would wish to follow it.

In March 1993 the first crew began their education as Space Invaders. Despite sponsored hardware by Apple and accommodation by "Frontløberne", the conditions for these pioneers were hard. Among other things, there was only one machine (LC3) for each two students !

During the following years quite a few things got adjusted, the duration of the course was extended from 10 to 12 months, and crew 2 and 3 graduated as Space Invaders.

In 1995 Space Invaders turned into an independent institution and was hereby separated from the Mouse House association.

In late autumn the school moved to Copenhagen in anticipation of becoming part of a big educational setting at Holmen. Unfortunately larger ships got stuck in the reef so Space Invaders landed in Nyhavn 31F.

In September 1996 the first two-year course was initiated. This was made possible with economical aid from The Danish Ministry of Culture among others, and the extension of the duration means a great qualitative strenghtening of the education.

In Copenhagen Space Invaders graduaded two crews from the two-year course: crew 4 July 1998 and crew 5 July 2000.

By August 2000 Space Invaders has closed the school and education, and leaves the education of multimedia designers to others.
Space Invaders wish you all - students and teachers, companies and schoools, and not the least alle educated Space Invaders - the best of luck in the future!