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During the two years of education to become a Space Invader, the student will work with a variety of modules. The order of which they appear, the range, the content and the purpose of the modules are summarized here. In between the modules are shorter periods with workshops as well as classes in project management (sometimes even holidays!).
The following plan is a brief summary of the plan for the studies of Crew 5 who are completing their education in July 2000.

Introduction, week 36-38
Graphics, week 39-40 + 45-47
Internet, week 41-44
Director, week 48-50
1st major assignment, week 51-3

Video and Sound editing, week 5-9
3D, week 10-12
Animation and Sound, week 14-18
Programming & Internet, week 19-20
2nd major Assignment, week 21-23
Summer vacation, week 27-32
Specialization in a Field, week 33-39
Specialization in a Subject, week 40-46

Group exam, week 1-6
Trainee Service, week 7-20
Individual exam, week 21-26

Introduction module
Purpose: To make a good start! The students will be introduced to the elements of the education, be informed about the structure of the study and school, and get a feeling of the possibilities within multimedia. The people involved are given a chance to get to know each other and the computer is placed where it belongs: At the user's command.

Graphics module
The graphics module will give the students a basic understanding of colour, composition, typography, design, interface design and layout. Knowledge provides the foundation for a critical attitude toward design. Theory provides consciousness about the signals given by a design. This should inspire innovation and creativity instead of "reproduction" of existing material and ideas.

Internet module
Getting absolut confident with the internet is essential to a Space Invader. The students must obtain a basic understanding of designing interfaces and they will be introduced to various web technologies. They get to master HTML and will produce their own personal website which is their electronic face to the world while they study at Space Invaders.

Director module

In addition to this module, Director will be a general theme during the education. The students will gain knowledge of interactive narrative structures and work with flowcharts and storyboards. The purpose of the module is to make the students capable of creating complex interactive multimedia productions.

Video module

By going through important film genres, a basic insight in cinematic means is given. Storytelling will be approached from a filmtechnical angle, and the role of video in a complex production will be debated.

Traditional video editing is a step towards the special possibilities of the digital domaine, such as picture manipulation.

Sound module
In this module the students will work with the artistic effects of music and sound. Valuable tools for the making of meaningful and expressive combinations of sounds and pictures will be introduced.

3D module

Knowledge of possibilities and trends in the area of 3D-modelling is a precondition for the ability to use 3D and continue the development of the field. Analysis of individual design artifacts will provide insight in some of the aesthetic and design related trends of the 20th century. The use of 3D graphics will be discussed and the consciousness about the building of objects and scenes will be developed. In terms of design, concepts like weight, balance, textural effects, proportions and more will be considered.

Animation module

A possibility to practice and use techniques for 2D- and 3D-animation is given. When working with animation, narrative techniques as well as the environment around the story will be debated. Furthermore, the role and function of the animator in a given production are analysed to ensure that the animation becomes a natural and meaningful part of the final production.

Specialization in a Field

In the specialization each student choose a field upon which he or she wants to concentrate and develop individual competence. Classes are given in each of the following areas: moving images (graphic, video, animation),internet design, internet programming and 3D.

Specialization in a subject

In addition to the field specialization the students are given the possibility of specializing within a certain subject. Classes are given in: Game design, intelligent surroundings, tracking and e-commerce.

Trainee Service
Between group exam and individual exam the students complete 3 months of trainee service. The students gain experience with the culture, possibilities and limitations in a multimedia producing company. These experiences are crucial for the students in choosing a field of specialization and planning their further career. The students find and arrange their own trainee service with exactly the kind of company each student prefer. So far the students have chosen many different kinds of companies, some have gone abroad, and very few have had difficulties finding the kind of host they preferred (see also "Trainee Hosts"). Some students have arranged with their trainee host to turn a certain project into their individual exam, and quite a few have been employed by their trainee host after graduation. The students do not receive salary during the trainee service.