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Space Invaders is situated in the space between TECHNIQUE & IDEA. The knowledge of the multimedia designer is based on the practical skills in software and hardware as well as the ability to explore innovative forms in the media.

The education includes teaching in the newest multimedia software and concrete creative assignments. The PRACTICAL lessons are continuously supplemented with a variety of interdisciplinary THEORETICAL studies. The students hereby gain knowledge of design, art, communication, system development as well as mathematical and computer scientific description methods upon which to base their design solutions.
The goal of the TEACHING METHODS is to develop the students' competences optimally. Rather than forcing everyone through basic software lectures, the "Wiz"'s are challenged with special assignments.
The difference in experience and skills are furthermore used in "learn-as-teacher" situations where the students help and upgrade each other. The differentiation, co-operation and exchange of experiences are essential elements in Space Invaders' on-going development of a MULTIMEDIAL PEDAGOGY.


The Space Invader education is composed by different forms of teaching and study. MODULES make up the essential structure, where the students obtain knowledge about basic techniques and theories. In addition to the modules, short WORKSHOPS are held. Here specific areas of interest will be explored. Often, the students are challenged with different types of assignments. Projects are preferably arranged in co-operation with others, who might be students from other educations, specific user groups etc.


Lectures will be held from time to time. Here the students are given the possibility to be inspired by the surrounding world, and to make contact with future collaborators, trainee service hosts etc. Tests and exams Space Invaders make use of four different kinds of tests.

- "WIZ-tests" are typically formed by so-called WIZ's, and are smaller exercises in a certain field.

- Friday realeses are slightly bigger tests which are presented and checked Friday afternoon. The test is given by the teacher and typically directly related to the teaching. Feed-back is given orally.

- Semester assignments are given after first, second and third semester. These assignments are structured by external co-operators (fx a museum or non-profit organization) together with the director of the courses. The results are evaluated by a panel of examiners and the student can either pass or fail. Afterwards the student receives a written feedback from the evaluation panel. The semester assignments must be passed in order to attend the final exams.

- Exams
To become a Space Invader one must pass a group exam and an individual exam. Furthermore the semester assignments must be passed, one has to complete the trainee service, must have attended a minimum of 80 % of the teaching and must have a well-kept individual site. An external censor is participating in the examination which can be passed or failed. The student will receive a written feedback.