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Because the Space Invaders education has seized to exist there will be no future admission

The follwing enrollment procedure applied to Crew 4 + 5 students:

1) First of all, you send in material presenting your graphic and creative abilities in the best possible way. It's entirely up to you to choose form and material. This application project is to be followed by an application form, your CV and a guarantee of payment.

2) From the applicants, a group is selected for an individual interview.

3) From the interview group a number of people are invited to participate in a weekend workshop where each person shows the entrance panel their creative talents and abilities, and how they co-operate in practice.
Subsequent to this weekend workshop, the new crew of Space Invaders is selected.

How much was the fee ?

The student's enrollment fee is DKK 100,000 which is to be paid at the beginning of the first term, and covers the tuition for the 2-year course.
In some cases employment services have paid the student's tuition fee, but most students have taken out a bank loan.

Who could apply?

Everyone except technophobes and people who can't keep an appointment.
The typical applicant has travelled the world, thinks internationally and always in images.